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About us

KhmerDeng founded on August 08, 2018 as a news website on purpose to share about technology, health, sport and short story to Cambodian.

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If you have a good articles, you can contact us at anytime.

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Our Team

We are a small start up team with different skill such as Android, iOS, Web, Design, Khmer Literature, Medical. All of us love to share knowledge to Cambodian.

Phearoth PHEN, he is crazy with new technology especially mobile app and game. He loves to learn new skill and reading book everyday. He is a book addict. He doesn’t pick a phone call while he is reading.

Sothea HANG, he studies Khmer literature. He always care about wrong word. He enjoy reading novel book. Sometime he spend 1 day to read 1 book. He also good at technology too.

Saody SIN, he is a simple man. Currently he also a nurse at private hospital in Phnom Penh. He likes reading and crazy with learning. He always write health articles.

Visal KEN, he likes football. At weekend he always call his friend to play football. Sometime he plays game too.

Longdey HAK, he is a designer. He loves drawing and expensive devices. At weekends He usually have a party.